About us

L-Plast-Bags DOO was established in 2000. year in Niš. Since foundation until present day, main activity stays the production of printed and unprinted flexible polyethylene packaging, but the scale of the production grows constantly, as well as number of employees and incomes, especially in the last four years.

We started out as a small family firm with a couple of workers, but followed world trends, won over new markets, spread our network of buyers, acquired modern machines to boost productivity and today we are able to say that we are still small, but effective company with 40 workers and 120 tones of processed granulate. We kept the family spirit of the company and we nourish good partnerships, both with suppliers and demanders.
In Serbia we cooperate with the following systems:
Mercator S DOO, Neoplanta DOO, Yuhor DOO, Swisslion DOO, Domaća trgovina DOO, Piramida 72 DOO and others.
Our job is to supply them with consumers’ bags on demand, meat foil, PL deep freeze bags and trash bags.
Our goal is to deliver quality products, respect the deadlines of deliveries, make stocks for impromptu deliveries and our aspiration is to meet all the demands of our buyers.

We aspire to satisfy our customers’ needs and to improve their business. L-Plast-Bags DOO has stable market position due to quality of our products, respect for deadlines and the way the deliver our products. We are the key deliverer to a large number of retail systems, wholesales, production plants and many others.

Our production program is constantly replenished, developed and adjusted to market needs. Our products fulfill requirements of Public Health Institute in Niš and are safe to be in touch with food.
     Life span of PE packaging is consisted of:

We rounded this cycle by getting a recycling machine to process all the waste of our production and preserve the environment for future generations. We also use D2W additive to decrease PE packaging life span.
We own Symphony Environmental certificate from a renowned British company.

Looking upon a western supermarket we started a production of rolls of PE bags especially suitable for fruits and vegetables in self-service department.

PE bags with print are widely spread in all markets, as a way of promoting their brand or product (popular “bagvertising”).

Rolled trash bags are made in five different sizes (20l, 35l, 60l, 90l, 120l), to satisfy the needs of all our buyers.
Trash bags are made of LDPE materials (rolled trash bags – extra strong), and HDPE materials (rolled trash bags – economic).
Trash bags are intended for households as well as coffee shops, bakeries, oil pumps..

Deep freeze bags are mostly used in households, and come in sizes of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg.