The production program is constantly update, developeand adapte to the needs of the market. Our products meet the requirements of the Public Health Institute Nis in terms of health safety and are safe for contact with food.

PE Bags

Bags without print are most common in two dimensions:
*medium (220x430mm)
*jumbo (280x530mm), but on client requests we can make them in various sizes.
Bags with print are widely used in all supermarkets and used for brand promoting or product placement (“bagvertasing”). We make them on client’s demand in different sizes in one, two or more colors.

Deep freeze bags

These bags are mostly used in household for deep freezing of food. We make them in several sizes, under our name, as well as brands for companies Mercator and Piramida 72.

*1kg/35 i 50pcs
*2kg/30 i 50pcs
*3kg/25 i 50pcs

Trash bags

Rolls of trash bags are made in 5 different sizes (20l, 35l, 60l, 90l, 120l) to accommodate the needs of all our clients.
We make them from:
*LDPE materials (extra strong)
*HDPE materials (economic)

Meat foil

Used for meat, cheese, delicates products in supermarkets

Boutique bags

With or without print, made on buyer’s demand

Ruber band

Sacks and bags

made of LDPE materials, used in slaughterhouses and butcher stores.