The quality of our products is recognized by many companies throughout Serbia and in region. You have probably already had some of our products in your hands. Among our clients are such companies as:
Mercator S doo (Novi Sad), Qvattro Company doo (Beograd), Domaca trgovina doo (Beograd), Pekara Branković (Niš), Yuhor doo (Jagodina),  Swisllion doo (Vršac), Olimpias Kniting doo (NIš), Marmil doo (Pirot), S.Z.T.R Čutura (Prokuplje), Dakom doo (Niš), Piramida 72 (Šabac), Metla komerc (Leskovac), Yumis doo (Niš), Spin doo (Leskovac), Centrounion (Leskovac), Jugoteks doo (Knežica), Kimby doo (Beograd), Neoplanta (Novi Sad), Prima Nova (Leskovac) and many other. Year after year, due to inovations and improvements in all fields, we are spreading our network of clients and looking forward to every new client.